“En Nuestras Palabras” Documentary

During this giving season, give to historic preservation and push back on people displacement. 100% of your donation will go toward ensuring that this historic neighborhood thrives in place, keeping the American Dream alive, and creating a local economy that works for all. "En Nuestras Palabras" is a captivating documentary that unveils the heart and history of Miami's Allapattah neighborhood, from its original Seminole days to its current Dominican land stewards. Through intimate storytelling, it explores the lives and dreams of residents, connecting past and present. Cinematic glimpses offer a visual journey, while the film serves as a bridge, fostering unity and pride.


    45m — 1 text track

    "Allapattah: En Nuestras Palabras" is a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant community of Allapattah and its remarkable residents. This documentary explores the rich tapestry of stories and the indomitable spirit that have shaped this neighborhood into the hidden gem it is today.

    The film portrays ...